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This show includes my best sound system, a full light show, the video show (including a custom-made DVD of YOUR photos!), and me personally at the helm.
This show is perfect for those who want FIRST CLASS all the way!
Perfect for medium groups of 250 to the biggest weddings or 1000 guests or more! The Premiere Package includes a second wireless sound system for the rear of the room or another room, the video show with music videos/ computer graphics, and I will also photograph your dance and post the photos under the "Photos" link on the Sound Co.'s website as well as give you a DVD with the digital files so that you may make all the prints that you want!



This show has a quality, large sound system and light show with
32 colored, flashing lights to help set the mood on the dancefloor.

It does not come with the video show however.
This show works well for large groups of people and/or large halls from 150 to 500 guests.
(this system can fit in small spaces but we typically require 25' of space more or less depending on your situation)


Please check out my "Equipment" link for more information about the relationship of system size to quality and why it's NOT a bad thing to have huge speakers at your dance.


Please call for availability or
email Jim Hirschberg's Sound Co.


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