I, Jim Hirschberg have been involved in the entertainment business since I was a child but actually started making money at it in 1980 and have been a full-time DJ since 1996.

I DJ'd some high school dances after I graduated but was more interested in playing rhythm and lead guitar in a band for 6 years. When my band broke up I became a sound man for several other bands before deciding to take my lights and equipment and go back to DJing.

Since that time, I personally have played OVER 1200 DANCES!!!

and the Sound Co. has played over 3700 shows!!!!


We specialize in weddings, but we've also played the following dances;

Proms, Homecomings, Sweetheart Dances, Bar Mitvahs, Anniversary dances, bar dances, bar karaoke shows, wedding rehearsals, car shows, street dances, many American Cancer Society Relay For Life's including 10 years with Carroll County (the highest money making Relay per capita in the United States 4 years running!), political conventions, live bands, and talent shows, multiple I.S.U. Engineer's formal dances, fraternity & sorority dances and balls, we've also supplied sound for a major presidential candidate in Cedar Rapids on 7/4/04 including all the feeds for the national news media- in the pouring rain no less!

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