New cameras with WIFI connectivity straight to your phone or iPad, GoPro mount compatible, several display options, digital zoom, and in-helmet heads-up display available!

ALL THIS AT A LOWER COST than previously available!!!!


See clearly at night and help save your life!

Chrome won't get you home-

Thermal Night Vision will!

The Midnight Rider is now offering

Thermal Infrared Night Vision

cameras for your Motorcycle, car, truck, boat or semi!



My Story

My name is Jim Hirschberg. I bought my first Harley Electra Glide when I was 16 and have ridden many miles, unfortunately not all those miles were enjoyable. I have hit deer 2 different times on motorcycles, once in a car and have had so many close calls with critters I can’t count them all.
When I first saw infrared night vision technology I was blown away and just had to have it on my bike, but back then the camera alone was $15000, nearly twice what my motorcyle cost at the time. Well, with time, all new technology comes down in price, gets smaller and gets better.
Now is the time for night vision on motorcycles.
This technology on a car or truck will save you money but on a bike it can easily save your life!

What is Thermal Infrared Night Vision?

Our eyes see visible light. With a thermal imager, we see heat.
Thermal imagers detect subtle differences in temperature and display them as video-
warmer objects appear light and cooler objects appear dark.

The Cameras

The Midnight Rider is offering 2 camera resolutions to fit your wants and needs.

The cameras are small, waterproof, rugged and come with THREE year warranties.

Both of the cameras have built in heaters to defrost their lenses if needed.


See Clearly in Total Darkness, Dust or Smoke

Thermal night vision infrared cameras let you see clearly in total darkness. Typical headlights only let you see about 450' straight ahead under IDEAL conditions, but Infrared cameras see heat not light, so you can see everything in front of you. Thermal infrared cameras let you see clearly, in good weather and bad, without being blinded by the glare of oncoming headlights. You can easily see hazards in the road more than 4 times further than with your headlights alone.

See Road Hazards Sooner, Have More Time to React

More time to react means you have more time to stop. It's the one thing that can help you avoid traffic accidents. With Thermal Infrared you can see pedestrians, cars, animals, and virtually any other hazard from farther away, or as they approach the road from either side.



See deer, pedestrians and vehicles past the glare of oncoming headlights
because headlight glare is invisible to the camera.
See many hazards from over four times further away than with the best headlights.
See through dust and smoke.

Have more time to react.
Avoid accidents, save money and stay alive!


Thoughts for the Real World

Just think for a minute; in a car or truck a collison with a deer can be a hassle and might cost you some money,
in a semi truck it can cost you a week's profits if you're down and your load has to be somewhere soon,
but a hit on your motorcycle can easily cost you a whole lot more than money.
Avoid just one accident, and a Thermal Infrared camera pays for itself many times over!

Many parts of the country are experiencing increased collisions with deer and many people are killed. If you live in deer country, this technology is a must! According to the nations largest insurance companies, the average vehicle repair cost of a deer collision is over $6700, not to mention the possibility of serious injury or death. Most other wrecks happen at night, most because of poor visibility. These systems will dramtically cut the odds of an accident. Once you use a thermal infrared camera you'll never want to travel at night without it!

*Click here for an interesting article about deer accidents in Iowa from Iowa Public Television*

*Click here to read a Wisconsin DOT report for 2008*


Why buy from me?
I will work with my customers to provide helpful information,
demonstrations of the equipment and service after the sale.
Installation is also available at my shop at Lohrville IA.

For more information, just give me a call at:



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Legal Disclaimer:

Jim Hirschberg d.b.a. The Midnight Rider/ The Sound Co. accepts no responsibility and can not be held liable for any error or accident resulting from the use of thermal imaging systems or errors in the interpretation of the image by the user.

Infrared cameras are a restricted technology and CAN NOT be sent out of the United States. All sales are subject to application and approval of Homeland Security.