Welcome to my photos of the North Iowa Dragway Nostalgia MC drags 2020!

I have decided to share my photos from the North Iowa Dragway Nostalgia Motorcycle weekend with everyone and only ask that if you like them or want to use them non-commercially for private use to please help support me with a freewill donation (and please don't be stingy- a cold beer at a pub is $7 now-a-days). I do reserve all copyrights and ownership of the photos but a donation will grant you a license to use photos of you for non-commercial use. I do ask that if you use these on your personal social media page that you share my website for photo credit- www.JimHirschberg.com

Please send me an email or call 712-465-3400 to discuss details if you'd like to publish any photos or use them commercially.

If you get some pleasure from these photos I'd appreciate any gratuity you might be generous enough to provide as there are costs associated with taking them, editing them, and hosting them.
Please use Paypal to send donations by clicking here , call 712-465-3400 with a credit card, or mail them to Jim Hirschberg 2661 360th St. Lohrville Iowa 51453. Thank you and enjoy!


Mr. & Mrs. Pete Hill are celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary this month (July) so why don't we all drop a nice card in the mail to them?

P.S.- I own the winery of that Peach wine they're holding in the photo. I gave it to them as an anniversary gift. Come visit us if you're in NW Iowa for a wine tasting- Sweet Honeymoon Winery

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Hill

1401 W. Blue Ridge Drive

Greenville, South Carolina 29611


I've worked 2 days to get these photos posted and the link to work and all I got to say is that Apple is really pissing me off. I can not place a link to the photos from this page due to security reasons so you must copy and paste the following link below into your browser's address bar in order to see the photos. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.