Most of the people that call me looking for a DJ have never had to hire a DJ before- so, therefore, they don't know what questions to ask or what a DJ should cost. When looking for a DJ you probably checked out the local Yellow Pages and called those listed.

Please click here for a list of questions you should ask any potential DJ.

I know that your budget considerations figure very strongly into your hiring a Disc Jockey for your wedding- and rightly so, but please do yourself a favor and don't settle for a "bargain" DJ.

Think for a moment about weddings you've been to; do you remember the jewelry the bridesmaids were wearing or the size of limo the wedding party rode in? Do you remember the expensive flowers or the place setting for the meal? These things add to the ambience of the day but I think you'll admit that the Disc Jockey can make or break the entire reception.

I recently spoke with the owner of a flower shop and he told me that the average wedding spends about $1000 on their flowers. I have seen many weddings where the bar tab for the reception was in excess of $4000! I've seen many weddings where the meal cost was in excess of $17 a plate and the linen seat cover rental was $5 each!

How important is it to you to have an excellent Disc Jockey at your wedding?

What price would you pay to make sure you have an excellent, memorable, professional Disc Jockey at your reception? Is it worth $2 per guest? $5? $10?

Please ensure a quality, memorable reception and give this important subject consideration when putting together your budget.

I am looking forward to speaking with you about your expectations for your wedding reception. Please call and ask about the hands-on service you can expect from

Jim Hirschberg's Sound Co.'s Premiere Wedding package!

Thank You.



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