Congratulations John & Libby!

Many thanks to all who could attend but for those of you who missed a great party, you can view the photos!

I, Jim Hirschberg (DJ & Photographer) would like to thank John & Libby for having me be part of their wedding day. Also, many thanks to those of you who could attend. I hope you like the photos I took at the reception and for those of you who missed the party it is my hope you can experience the event through these pictures. Your feedback is appreciated. You can email me by clicking here.

The following links each direct you to different web pages.

Click this link is to see the ceremony photos taken by Libby's uncle Drew Cover at University 40.

This link is if you'd like to order prints online of the reception photos.

This link will take you to the photos taken at the reception by Jim Hirschberg

Click on the window below to view John & Libby's slideshow.




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